Casey Builds a Frame: Cultural Rhetorics Final Project

a laptop with the screen open, next to a desktop with video editing software on the screen, as well as an opened journal

Just added to STUFF: my final project for Cultural Rhetorics called Casey Builds a Frame.  I used to make this website because it was the best available delivery method for encompassing the messiness and fragmentation I felt coming into this project. Our task was to build a cultural rhetorics frame from the readings we’d […]

some stuff about stuff

First page as an image of a Casey Paperdoll set - image of Casey as a paperdoll, words "Theme 6 - The User: Bodied, Feeling, Clicking, Typing"

Finally getting my website together! I’ve just added the Stuff section where I’m going to dump some of the weird stuff I’ve made since I’ve been in grad school. For example, a downloadable Casey Paperdoll.