Spotify Playlist – two-oh-two profesh to death, Spring 2015 WRA 202

Spotify Playlist – so I started teaching college writing, Fall 2014 WRA 150

Casey Builds a Frame – Cultural Rhetorics, Spring 2013

In this class we were tasked with building a cultural rhetorics frame to consider our research interests. I’d been thinking about how to start talking about “editing as analysis” as a queer methodology in editing video. I was also working on another revision of my Butch Rhetorics video which was an opportunity to work through this idea using this frame.

I pulled three concepts from the course readings to build the frame – transparency, gaze, and story – then added my story of what it’s like to edit this specific video. This project was fun and got me started in trying to figure some things out.

Brief Response to Queer Phenomenology by Sara Ahmed – Queer Rhetorics, Fall 2012

Casey Paperdoll [PDF] – an assignment for Visual Rhetoric (Summer 2012) titled “The User >8{ Bodies, Feeling, Clicking, Typing.”

First page as an image of a Casey Paperdoll set - image of Casey as a paperdoll, words "Theme 6 - The User: Bodied, Feeling, Clicking, Typing"









Technofeminism Annotated Bibliography (Spring 2010)