The Gender Project

The Gender Project is a series of documentaries about the lived experiences of gender and sexuality. It’s also a queer feminist dissertation research project set within the academic power structure.

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Queer Theory Playground

QTP uses play as methodology to experiment with and examine queer identities, bodies, and practices in communities. Research questions for us include: How can we queer gender performances in academic/digital/community spaces? How can we use play as it’s theorized/practiced in terms of sex and gender identity/expression as a methodology for doing queer work? How do you share the results of play with wider audiences?

To contribute to the field of queer rhetorics, theories and methodologies, and to have fun, damn it. We understand play as:

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QTP Stuffs

MBLGTACC 2013 – Zines!: Making, Assembling, and Distributing Zines as Queer Community Media

Zine Download – Download the zine made by participants of our workshop for the conference.
Zine Resources – Download the page of resources we provided for our workshop.