For awhile now I’ve wanted to create a Butch page on my website, a curated collection of resources and links. I am particularly interested in understanding how folks come to “butch,” and then how they/we construct or compose this identity. This is my pursuit in developing “butch rhetorics.” In this collection of resources I’ve divided things into five categories – video, books, eye candy, orgs & projects, and writing. These include videos of butches on butch identity, photography representing butch and/or masculine-of-center people, as well as books, essays, blogs, and even organizations and projects that work to represent butch identity.

I say this is a curated collection because I didn’t include every butch thing out there. I was careful with my choices, careful to include resources and links that are body- and sex-positive, as well as anti-misogynist and anti-racist. It’s a damn shame to come across butch and/or masculine-identified queer folks who don’t understand our masculinity as intimately connected to multiple ways of being and knowing in the world.

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