Things are progressing this semester as I work on my concentration exam, which is helping me narrow down and figure out just what exactly I want to study.

keywords (for now): queer video, queer methodology, multimodality, multimodal composition 

Of course, I’ve yet to put this in front of my committee.

This is my first semester out of coursework, which I was sort of dreading. But by the end of last semester I was fucking ready to be done. And now that I’m not in coursework I am structuring my time much differently; like working at home, imagine that! I didn’t realize how exhausting coursework was – the reading, the responses, the discussion. I was dreading the end tho cause I like talking to people about ideas. And while I do miss that, I’m eager to focus in on my own shit.

In fact, I’m doing an independent study right now on #queervideo. I’m watching 2-4 movies per week with an accompanying reading. It’s awesome! By the end of the semester I am hoping to come away with a loose, temporarily stable, definition of “queer videomaking” that I can then apply to my #dissertation work. Fun!

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