Session D.10, Thursday March 16, 3:15-4:30
Queer Methodological Praxis: A Look Into The Gender Project

The Gender Project is a series of short documentaries about the lived experience of gender identity and expression; it’s also a research project on the queer composing practices of queer self-identity. This project is unique in that it’s already started, therefore there is a cache of experience and data to draw from to inform how to move forward. On this panel, I articulate the methodology and methods of such a continuation of The Gender Project. The research methodologies significant to this continuation are a queered conception of mixed methods and critical praxis (Sullivan & Porter). As well as Jacqueline Rhodes & Jonathan Alexander’s exploration of queer as an “impossible subject” for rhetoric and composition to point out the impossibilities of self-identity and the impossibilities of research. I am drawn to these stories because they have done the “coming to” work of self-identity, of searching and finding representations of oneself that fit, but that also exist in contradiction to carefully constructed and maintained representations of being.

Panel Title: Being There: The Rhetoricity of Queer Spaces, Identities and Bodies w/ Kathleen Livingston, Madhu Narayan, Trixie Smith (chair), and Simone West