Just added to STUFF: my final project for Cultural Rhetorics called Casey Builds a Frame

I used WordPress.com to make this website because it was the best available delivery method for encompassing the messiness and fragmentation I felt coming into this project. Our task was to build a cultural rhetorics frame from the readings we’d done that semester (Spring ’13) to help us work through our own scholarly interests. I had been working on developing a queer methodology for CCCC ’13 and this project gave me an opportunity to attempt to visualize editing, or begin to explain the analysis and decisions that come with video editing. 

My frame rests on transparency, gaze, and storytelling, all concepts I was considering as they were presented through cultural rhetorics. I also spent a significant amount of time theorizing the navigation on this site, resulting in a variety of ways to move through: the home page grid, the home page navigation bar at the top of the page, a page with a suggested sequence, a footer and sidebar menu with more chunky and often overlapping categories, and a tag cloud in the footer.

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