We’re in Brooklyn! My partner, Katie, is doing research at the Lesbian Herstory Archives and taking some circus classes at The Muse and The Sky Box at House of Yes. Me? I’m tagging along and providing my navigation skills.

We spent a solid 4 hours at the LHA yesterday. That place is like a big woo hug. I found sci-fi books I’d never heard of before, and a collection of lesbian comics from the late 70’s and early 80’s in an overflowing and worn yellow binder started by Tee Corinne. I also casually walked by Maxine Feldman‘s guitar that was just hangin’ out upstairs. I wondered if she’d written “Amazon Womyn Rise” on it.

We had an early night after closing down the LHA. We’d also left Lansing at 4:30am, so we were damn tired. We woke up this morning rested and super excited about today’s plans – Bluestockings, K’s circus class at Sky Box, and later Coney Island. We were so excited about Bluestockings that we got there before they opened. Nerds!

I’m currently sitting in a cafe by the Sky Box while Katie circuses. A skinny orange and white cat just strolled through. Cat Steven’s “Trouble” is playing. The chairs are super UNcomfortable – metal with hip squeezing bars.

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