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We’re in Brooklyn! My partner, Katie, is doing research at the Lesbian Herstory Archives and taking some circus classes at The Muse and The Sky Box at House of Yes. Me? I’m tagging along and providing my navigation skills. We spent a solid 4 hours at the LHA yesterday. That place is like a big […]

FemRhet 2013

I’ll be headed to Stanford at the end of September for the Feminisms & Rhetorics Conference. I’m on a panel with a bunch of cool folks from MSU where we’ll be talking about queer disruptions of power. Yeah! Panel H5: Queerly Disrupting Power In Communities and the Academy Thursday, Sept. 26th, 2:15-3:30 My shit: Dissing […]


In academia, summer is an event. Add to this that last year I was on crutches the first two months of summer. So I’m ready to play! I’ve got some tentative travel plans – up north, Chicago, Austin, and a research trip with my sweetie to Brooklyn. I’ll also be puttering around the house, which […]

some stuff about stuff

First page as an image of a Casey Paperdoll set - image of Casey as a paperdoll, words "Theme 6 - The User: Bodied, Feeling, Clicking, Typing"

Finally getting my website together! I’ve just added the Stuff section where I’m going to dump some of the weird stuff I’ve made since I’ve been in grad school. For example, a downloadable Casey Paperdoll.

CCCC 2013 in Vegas

Session D.10, Thursday March 16, 3:15-4:30 Queer Methodological Praxis: A Look Into The Gender Project The Gender Project is a series of short documentaries about the lived experience of gender identity and expression; it’s also a research project on the queer composing practices of queer self-identity. This project is unique in that it’s already started, […]

UNC Asheville – Queer Conference

UNC Asheville Queer Conference logo in triplicate

UNC Asheville Queer Conference 2013 Undisciplined, a performance with Kathleen “Violet” Livingston Thursday, April 4, 2013, 2:45-4:00pm In the tradition of queer performance troupes like Taste This with Anna Camilleri, Ivan Coyote, Zoe Eackle, and Lyndell Montgomery, So the Story Goes by Camilleri, Coyote, and Montgomery, and with great respect to travelling cabarets like Michelle […]