CCCC 2015 in Tampa, FL

Taking these queer video ideas to CCCC ’15 in Tampa! And I’m always excited to present with my friends and colleagues of Queer Theory Playground. Panel Title: Risking Method/ology for Queer Reward: Multimodality, Literacy Sponsorscape(s), and the Yearning Archive  Epigraph 1: “A queer methodology…is a scavenger methodology that uses different methods to collect and produce information […]

Cultural Rhetorics Conference 2014

The inaugural Cultural Rhetorics Conference kicks off this October! I am excited to bring my continued interest in queer video, as well as the collaborative Queer Rhetorics work of Queer Theory Playground, to the conversation. Queer Video as Cultural Rhetorics Queer videomaking offers a deep history of experimental, avant-garde, and independent moviemaking, particularly as models for meaning-making […]

Queer Multimodal Scholarship

Alexander, Jonathan, Barclay Barrios, Samantha Blackmon, Angela Crow, Keith Dorwick, Jacqueline Rhodes, and Randal Woodland. “Queerness, sexuality, technology, and writing: How do queers write ourselves when we write in cyberspace?” Computers and Composition Online (Fall 2004). Web. Alexander, Jonathan, and Jacqueline Rhodes. “Queer Rhetoric and the Pleasures of the Archive.” Enculturation (2012). Web. Crow, Angela. […]

Queer Places, Practices & Lives Symposium II at The Ohio State University

floating male and female symbols

Queer Theory Playground is headed to Columbus this May to participate in Queer Places, Practices & Lives Symposium II put on by Sexuality Studies. Here is our proposal: “Reading Public Sex as Performance; Or, What Clay Pettet Can Teach Us About Contemporary Queer Rhetorics” keywords: rhetoric, performance, public sex Clay Pettet has gained recent attention […]

So Long, Coursework

Comic of person with videocamera, speech bubble that says "A permanent record, all our very own! We're making history, boys! This film will be worth millions! And it'll be a cinch to sell, too! But that's the boss' department..."

Things are progressing this semester as I work on my concentration exam, which is helping me narrow down and figure out just what exactly I want to study. keywords (for now): queer video, queer methodology, multimodality, multimodal composition  Of course, I’ve yet to put this in front of my committee. This is my first semester […]

Reflections on FemRhet ’13

Casey, lying on her side in front of a spewing fountain at Stanford.

FemRhet was a great conference this year. What was most useful in our session was the seemingly polar responses to my presentation. Most folks expressed support and interest in the non-traditional (QUEER) work I’m trying to do with this dissertation. But I got some push back on my methodology. To my defense, this presentation wasn’t […]

FemRhet ’13: Dissing the Academy

Sept.25.13 – Preparing my talk for #femrhet13. I’ve made a powerpoint, which will available on this page. I’m framing this talk, and my approach to negotiating the boundaries of “the dissertation” with Royster and Kirch’s Feminist Rhetorical Practices and Rhodes and Alexander’s “Queer: An Impossible Subject for Composition” from JAC. I’ve then compared graduate degree requirements across […]


For awhile now I’ve wanted to create a Butch page on my website, a curated collection of resources and links. I am particularly interested in understanding how folks come to “butch,” and then how they/we construct or compose this identity. This is my pursuit in developing “butch rhetorics.” In this collection of resources I’ve divided […]

Casey Builds a Frame: Cultural Rhetorics Final Project

a laptop with the screen open, next to a desktop with video editing software on the screen, as well as an opened journal

Just added to STUFF: my final project for Cultural Rhetorics called Casey Builds a Frame.  I used to make this website because it was the best available delivery method for encompassing the messiness and fragmentation I felt coming into this project. Our task was to build a cultural rhetorics frame from the readings we’d […]